Packet ID (decimal) Packet ID (hexadecimal) Handler Offset Description
1 0x01 0x402A7E PlayerID change
2 0x02 0x402A24 You are now in the game
3 0x03 0x402B43 Player entering
4 0x04 0x402C58 Player leaving
5 0x05 0x402D34 Player fired a weapon
6 0x06 0x402CFC Player died
7 0x07 0x40303D Chat
8 0x08 0x40306F Player took a prize
9 0x09 0x402C22 Player score changed
10 0x0A 0x4033AB Password packet response
11 0x0B 0x403386 Soccer goal
12 0x0C 0x402BEF Player voice
13 0x0D 0x402C7C Set player frequency
14 0x0E 0x402BC6 Create turret link
15 0x0F 0x402A43 Arena settings
16 0x10 0x4027CD File transfer
17 0x11 0x4033AB No-op
18 0x12 0x4031D4 Flag position
19 0x13 0x403233 Flag claim
20 0x14 0x4030D5 Flag victory
21 0x15 0x40325C Destroy turret link
22 0x16 0x403280 Drop flag
23 0x17 0x4033AB No-op
24 0x18 0x4030A6 Synchronization
25 0x19 0x4028FB Request file
26 0x1A 0x4032A4 Reset score(s)
27 0x1B 0x4032C8 Personal ship reset
28 0x1C 0x4032E4 Put player in spectator mode / change extra info flag
29 0x1D 0x402CC1 Player team and ship changed
30 0x1E 0x4033AB Banner flag
31 0x1F 0x403209 Player banner changed
32 0x20 0x402ABF Collected prize
33 0x21 0x403302 Brick dropped
34 0x22 0x40316E Turf flag update
35 0x23 0x403192 Flag reward granted
36 0x24 0x402AEA Speed zone statistics
37 0x25 0x402B1F Toggle UFO ship
38 0x26 0x4033AB No-op
39 0x27 0x4033AB Keep-alive
40 0x28 0x402EE3 Player position update
41 0x29 0x4030FD Map information
42 0x2A 0x402867 Compressed map file
43 0x2B 0x402787 Set personal KoTH timer
44 0x2C 0x402762 KoTH game reset
45 0x2D 0x4027AA ? Some other timer change ?
46 0x2E 0x402741 Power-ball position update
47 0x2F 0x403364 Arena directory listing
48 0x30 0x402707 Got zone banner advertisements
The function offsets were found from the function pointer array at offset 0x4033BC in memory.