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Miscellaneous Applications
a small subspace server [Last updated Aug 28, 2004]
Download (6 MB)
by Nerusai
A win32 version of ASSS based on my older win32 port and grelminar's latest CVS distribution.

Logging Proxy [Last updated Aug 1, 2001]
Download (73 KB)
A proxy which allows you to seamlessly log packets from any VIE SubSpace service. (C++ source)

Sheepo! (3) [Last updated Feb 16, 2001]
Download (17 KB)
Inline VIE SubSpace Chat Encryption. Transfer zone passwords in-game securely! (VB source)

SSBot (27) [Last updated Feb 21, 2001]
Download (141 KB)
An old and unsupported Visual Basic bot. (VB source)

SubSpace Billing Server (2.00b) [Last updated Sep 21, 2005]
Download (512 KB)
by Confess+
SubSpace Biller 2 with a bunch of added features. (C++ source)

SubSpace Billing Server 2 (11) [Last updated Dec 14, 2001]
Download (227 KB)
The first open-sourced billing server equivalent to the SSC network's system. (C++ source)

SubSpace Billing Server 2 (11j) [Last updated Jul 5, 2003]
Download (194 KB)
by SOS [[email protected]]
A much improved version of my billing server, open-sourced as well. The BAN.DAT and BANFREE.DAT files are not compatible with the original SSBiller2. New: Fixes a large security-related bug. Download and replace your copy of SSBilling2.EXE! (C++ source)

SubSpace Directory Server (4) [Last updated Aug 15, 2001]
Download (84 KB)
The first open-sourced directory server system. (C++ source)

SubSpace Proxy (6) [Last updated May 2, 2001]
Download (26 KB)
A server-side proxy which allows you to play over LANs. (C++ source)

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