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Ban Techniques [Last updated May 24, 2001]
Explains the techniques the professionals use to keep their zones clean.

Billing Password Encryption Reversal [Last updated May 25, 2001]
Proves that basic SubBill encryption does not protect your passwords.

DLL-Plugin Tutorial [Last updated Oct 2, 2004]
Teaches how to write a DLL-Plugin for MERVBot. Updated with the latest source in src.zip for build 45. You should use this new base code whenever writing plugins that manipulate LVZ objects or listen for players changing banners. (C++ source)

MERVBot Tutorial [Last updated Apr 25, 2008]
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by Underlord; updated by others to reflect changes to MERVBot
Provides a thorough guide to MERVBot.

Source Code Addendum [Last updated Jul 26, 2002]
Explains SubSpace protocol.

SubSpace 1.35 Packet Handler Offsets [Last updated Oct 18, 2001]
by Snrrrub
Describes S2C packets and handler offsets in the executable.

VIE Encryption Cryptoanalysis [Last updated Apr 2, 2004]
Presents a proof of concept for several attacks against components of SubSpace encryption. In this archive: chosen plaintext attack against cipher; key scheduler breaks in brute force of 16 bits; used to decrypt all but the first four bytes of a password packet, without the key.

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